Fact 1: Origin Story The Mid Day Meal scheme in Madhya Pradesh began in 2001, aiming to provide nutritious meals to school children, fostering better education and health.

Fact 2: The Massive Scale Every day, the MP Mid Day Meal program serves millions of students, making it one of the largest school feeding initiatives globally.

Fact 3: Nutritious Delights The meals offered are carefully planned to include diverse nutrients, catering to the specific dietary requirements of growing children.

Fact 4: Empowering Women The program empowers local women by involving them in cooking and serving meals, fostering employment and skill development.

Fact 5: Zero Child Labor Policy To ensure children attend school, the program follows a strict zero-child-labor policy, preventing exploitation and encouraging education.

Fact 6: Innovative Recipes The menu is curated to include regional delicacies, preserving cultural diversity and introducing children to various traditional foods.

Fact 7: Enhanced School Attendance Studies have shown that the MP Mid Day Meal initiative significantly boosts school attendance, reducing drop-out rates.

Fact 8: Food for Education Beyond nourishment, the scheme recognizes the role of meals in education, emphasizing "Food for Education" as its core principle.

Fact 9: Impressive Infrastructure The program's logistics involve advanced kitchens, hygienic food storage, and efficient transportation to cater to a vast number of schools.

Fact 10: Collaboration with Local Farmers MP Mid Day Meal promotes a farm-to-table approach by collaborating with local farmers, supporting the rural economy.

Fact 11: Awards and Recognition The scheme's impact on child welfare and education has garnered national and international acclaim, receiving prestigious awards.

Fact 12: Waste Management Initiatives To minimize food wastage, the program employs innovative waste management techniques, setting an example for others to follow.

Fact 13: Corporate Social Responsibility Several corporate entities actively contribute to the cause, channeling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds.

Fact 14: Positivity During the Pandemic During the COVID-19 pandemic, the program adapted swiftly, ensuring food reached children despite the challenges.

Fact 15: Transforming Lives Beyond academic improvement, the MP Mid Day Meal scheme has positively transformed the lives of countless children, fostering dreams and aspirations.