All information regarding Conferences, C.M.E, Webinars and other activities of the Scientific Committee M.P.S.O.S is now available at http://sc.mpsos.org

Important: Annual Conference 2020 has been moved to 2021 due to the prevailing Covid-19 Situation.

MPSOS Simplified Guidelines

कन्टैन्मन्ट क्षेत्र तथा नोनकोन्टाइनमेंट क्षेत्रों के निजी अस्पतालों/क्लिनिक्स के संचालन संबंधी निर्देश 
(Government advisory for private hospitals & clinics in containment/non-containment areas) CLICK HERE (PDF)

COVID-19 Resources for the Ophthalmologist

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